Back pain is a very common sickness affecting around 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lifetime. In general, the spinal cord has a difficult job in every human body as it should give the best support to your upper body weight, and still, it is also able to twist and bend in any direction. So, a very big strain is placed on the lower back specifically among the individuals who are underactive or do a lot of sitting. There are so many conditions available causing back pain and some of them are emotional tension and pregnancy which are very natural occurrences. But there are also a few factors available to make problems to your back including athletic injuries, physical trauma, being overweight, and poor physical fitness.

Causes of back pain

The following are the major causes of back pain in humans such as,

  1. Improper or overuse of the back will surely cause back strain or painful muscle spasms. For example, tearing or stretching of the muscles.
  2. Ruptured or slipped discs may give you heavy pain when the discs give pressure to the nerves of the spinal cord. The pain can emit during the legs and also back.
  3. Weak belly muscles will also cause back strain such as torn or stretched ligaments instead of muscles because of the inappropriate positioning of the spine.
  4. Soft or strain tissue damage is secondary to injury.
  5. Improper posture can cause back sprain or strain because of improper lifting, bending, standing, or sitting.

How to get relief from back pain?

Young man exercising outside. A view of sportsman sitting beside steps and stretching arms and leg. Doing yoga exercise. Training and having workout on street during summer period

Many people are being confused that whether they can use ice or heat to get relief from back pain. Heat is not actually suggested for the first 48 hours after the occurring of back pain. Only after 48 hours, generally using ice or heat depends on which one feels best to you. Ice can be applied at any time and you can use ice for 10 to 20 minutes by placing the wet towel between your body and the ice bag. Those with back pain can also use heat for up to 20 minutes at a time. Some people can also get relief from back pain by doing the forward and backward bends. This simple backward or forward movement exercise can surely reduce your back pain symptoms and you have to frequently repeat it throughout the day.